Sterling B. Ortega, CFII, PhD

Sterling Ortega

Department of Pathology
1080 Medical Laboratories
500 Newton Road
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1109

Lab: 319-335-7601

Originally from a small country in South America called Ecuador, my parents and I immigrated to this country when I was only 1 year old. Interestingly, my first calling in life was not science, but aviation. As a little boy, I always dreamed about flying fighter jets for the Navy and eventually landing a seat in one of the space shuttles, but alas, all great youthful dreams sometimes go by the wayside. Mid-2002, I was fortunate enough to cross path with an individual who would instill in me a love of science and exploration. In 2007, I joined the DBS program at UT Southwestern, and by October 2012 I successfully defended my thesis elucidating the role of autoreactive CD8 T-cells in Multiple Sclerosis. Next, as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Ann Stowe, I evaluated the role of therapeutic B-cells in stroke. Now, as a junior faculty and eventually as an independent scientist, my goal is to expand the knowledge of the immune system’s role in central nervous system diseases.

I must admit that my success would not be possible without the unconditional support of my three lovely children, Jasmine, Melody, and John-Paul, in whom I receive my strength. Furthermore, I receive much love and support from my parents Miguel and Dolores, as well as siblings Roger, Clint, and Emilie. During my junior faculty training, I hope to gain valuable experience and establish professional connections that will help develop a lifelong career in medical research.