Post Doctoral Research Scholar
Department of Pathology 1080 Medical Laboratories 500 Newton Road University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242-1109

I grew up in Galesburg, IL, where I spent most of my time trying to imitate my older brother (a Naval intelligence officer/NCAA DIII Basketball National Champ) and sister (Masters degree holder/childhood leukemia survivor). I began striking out on my own as an undergraduate at Augustana College where, despite my constant presence on the pickup basketball court, I earned a B.A. in Biology. It was here that I took a fateful immunology class from a beloved biology professor, which precipitated my moving to Iowa City for graduate training. In Tom Waldschmidt’s lab and in collaboration with Kevin Legge, I studied germinal center B cell responses to influenza virus infections. In graduate school my love for research was accompanied by a love for teaching, and so upon completion of my PhD degree, I took a job at my alma mater, Augustana College, where I taught for two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. Searching for the right balance of teaching and research became very important to me, and so I have now returned to Iowa for additional research training as a postdoc in Nitin Karandikar’s lab, where I hope to contribute novel findings regarding B cell/CD8 T cell function in mouse models of multiple sclerosis. My wife and I have a brand new baby boy and couldn’t be happier in our return to Iowa City.


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