Dates: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 2:30 PM
Location: MRC133/Zoom

Please e-mail everyone the Article for presentation ONE WEEK prior to journal club! If you cannot make it on your designated date, please switch with someone.

Date Articles Abstracts Notes
8/9/2023 Ti-Ara Turner  Sudeep Ghimire MRC133/Zoom
8/23/2023 Mohit Upadhye Kshitija Kale MRC133/Zoom
9/13/2023 Rachel Shrode  Aditya Kulkarni MRC133/Zoom
9/27/2023 Chakry Vemulawada Jonathan Jeschke MRC133/Zoom
10/11/2023 Stephanie Peterson Shailesh Shahi MRC133/Zoom
10/18/2023 Mike Crawford Alex Boyden MRC133/Zoom
10/25/2023 Peter Lehman Connor Wilhelm MRC133/Zoom
11/1/2025 Sudeep Ghimire Rachel Shrode MRC133/Zoom
11/8/2023 Kshitija Kale Mohit Upadye MRC133/Zoom
11/15/2023 Aditya Kulkarni  Ti-Ara Turner MRC133/Zoom
11/22/2023 Jonathan Jeschke Chakry Vemulawada MRC133/Zoom
11/29/2023 Shailesh Shahi Stephanie Peterson MRC133/Zoom

Updated August 10, 2023