Michael Crawford

Research Assistant

I was born and raised in Texas and Kansas City, but I got to Iowa as fast as possible! At Texas A&M University I earned a premedical BS degree graduating magna cum laude with honors coursework. Before going into medical school, I completed one year of basic science research and this is where I first met Dr. Nitin Karandikar. I assisted the start-up of his first lab at UT Southwestern and co-authored two of his landmark publications on the role of CD8 T cells in patients afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. I went on to complete medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. Subsequently, I completed my internship with the Michael E. DeBakey Department of General Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. I then attended Family Medicine residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch back in Galveston, TX. I now rejoin Dr. Karandikar’s research lab with a great deal of experience and knowledge in clinical medicine with aspirations to contribute to science research in novel and exciting ways.


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